Cape Cod USCG Air Station
Mailing Address: USCG, Air Station Cape Cod, MA 02542-5024
Main Phone: 508 968-6800
Base Snapshot: U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod is the only Coast Guard Aviation facility in the northeast. As such, ASCC is responsible for the waters from New Jersey to the Canadian border.
Population: More than 300 active-duty and family members
Housing: 391 family housing units immediately available and 69 unaccompanied units with a wait of up to eight weeks;bachelor barracks (508) 968-6505
Temporary Lodging: 12 townhouses; 17 suites (508) 968-6461
Community/Family Services: In Boston (617) 223-3484
Child Care: Center for 85 children (508) 968-6450
Health Care: Clinic: appointments (508) 968-6582; benefits (508) 968-6580

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