Military Community

28 Aug, 2017

Seabees Establish Strong Bonds With Djiboutian Villagers

As the Seabees of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 1 transfer their mission, they are leaving behind more than a memory of hard work
28 Aug, 2017

Face of Defense: Son of Fallen Guardsman Enlists on Parents' Anniversary

Twenty years after his parents got married and 10 years after losing his father in Iraq, Pvt. Paul David Kelly, 19, raised his right hand and enlisted into the Virginia Army National Guard
28 Aug, 2017

Helping Students Prepare for New School Year

The start of the new school year can be an exciting adventure for many students
15 Aug, 2017

Back to School in a New Town

Transitioning from summer's long days and endless playing is hard enough — add in a new town and a new school, and it can be nerve-wracking!
15 Aug, 2017

Dunford: U.S.-South Korean Alliance Ready to Defend Against North Korean Threat

The U.S.-South Korean alliance can defend South Korea, Pacific allies and the American homeland from nuclear and missile threats emanating from North Korea
28 Jul, 2017

Giant Schnauzer Excels as Air Force Military Working Dog

On a recent assignment to Germany, military working dog Brock was part of the security detail for President Donald J. Trump’s visit to the G20 Summit in Hamburg