Health & Fitness

24 May, 2017

Protect Your Back During Your PCS

Service members relocate a lot, and moving to a new home is hard enough without adding a back injury to the mix
16 May, 2017

Secure Your Medical Device

More and more medical devices are getting more sophisticated and connected to each other 
25 Apr, 2017

How to Run Hills

Hills: They can cause your heart to race, lungs to hurt, muscles to burn and brain to ask, “Why am I doing this?”
25 Apr, 2017

Nutrition Centers Improve Health Readiness

Imagine being a hospital patient with food allergies and other dietary restrictions
27 Mar, 2017

DoD Campaign Guides Military Community on Use of Supplements

Dietary supplements can play an important role in helping military members, retirees, achieve physical fitness and optimum health. 
20 Mar, 2017

VA’s Center for Minority Veterans looks to increase participation in the Million Veteran Program

The Center for Minority Veterans (CMV) is in the midst of a campaign last to increase the participation of minority Veterans in the VA’s Million Veteran Program

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