Family Life

20 May, 2016

Face of Defense: Army Provides Soldier With New Sense of Normal

The Army is full of people with diverse backgrounds and different childhood experiences, but it develops its ranks with consistency and trusted battle rhythms—things Sgt. Julienne Ashby grew to depend upon.
30 Mar, 2016

Face of Defense: Best Warrior Competition a Family Affair for One Guardsman

CAMP DODGE, Iowa, March 28, 2016 — The 2016 Iowa Best Warrior Competition held at Camp Dodge in Johnston, Iowa, March 18-20 presented a unique opportunity for one soldier.
30 Mar, 2016

TRICARE Releasing New Reimbursement Rates for Autism Care

The TRICARE Health Plan announced new reimbursement rates effective April 1, 2016 for applied behavior analysis (ABA) services, which are provided under the Autism Care Demonstration (ACD). 
15 Oct, 2015

10 Areas to Include in The Book of Knowledge, a Deployment Essential

Getting ready for an extended deployment involves long hours of preparation for the service member in their military unit and around the house.
15 Oct, 2015

Exceptional Care for Exceptional Family Members

Family members with special needs require special considerations.
18 Sep, 2015

DoD/USDA Team Up To Help Vets Start Farms, Ranches

Lots of veterans are looking for structure, purpose and a sense of community when they leave the military, and more and more are turning to farming to find it.
18 Sep, 2015

How to Weigh Your Options for Child Care

Determining the best care for your baby or toddler can seem overwhelming. Each option has positive and negative aspects, not to mention serious financial implications for your family.
08 Jun, 2015

Teens Getting Smarter About Summer Safety, Still Plagued by ‘Invincible’ Mindset

When it comes to summer safety, the good news is, teenagers are acting safer than their own parents did a generation ago.