Education & Careers

08 Jan, 2015

Scholarships for Military Children

The 2015 program is open! Submit your application to your commissary no later than February 13, 2015. 
17 Nov, 2014

Hagel Announces New Defense Innovation, Reform Efforts

In a keynote speech at the 2014 Reagan National Defense Forum, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced a plan to harness the brightest minds and cutting-edge technology to change the way the Department of Defense innovates and operates.
18 Sep, 2014

5 Keys to a Smoother Military Transition

When you're ready to leave the military, readiness may be the key to a successful transition and your financial security.
13 Jan, 2014

The 2014 Program is Open! Submit Your Application to Your Commissary No Later Than February 28, 2014

Commissaries are an integral part of the quality of life offered to service members and their families.
30 Sep, 2013

Ambassador Network Launches to Help Military Spouses Find Jobs

The Defense Department has broadened its reach to military spouses looking for jobs through its new Spouse Ambassador Network.
10 Jul, 2013

Lumina Foundation Features Two Colleges for their Work Serving Student Veterans; America Needs More Vets With Degrees to Meet Attainment Needs

Millions of men and women in uniform have returned or will soon return home; for many of them, college is the new front.
09 May, 2013

Commissaries Support Military Spouses

Jessica Rouse, DeCA public affairs specialist With more than 4,000 spouses employed in commissaries worldwide, May 10, Military Spouse Day, has special meaning to the Defense Commissary Agency. Military spouses make up 28 percent of the commissaries’ worldwide workforce, a notable statistic considering the demands of military life.
08 May, 2013

AT&T to Provide 5,000 Career Opportunities for Veterans

AT&T is stepping up its veteran recruiting efforts with the goal of hiring 5,000 veterans