What a Recent Home Sale Can Mean for Your Taxes
Congratulations! You sold your house at a nice profit. But will the tax man take a big chunk of it? It depends. Here's why. More
Beware of Ice Dams
Ice dams, or barriers of ice along your roofline, can prevent proper runoff.  More
DoD Housing Pro Describes Privatization Evolution
Despite ever-changing fiscal levels since World War II, the Defense Department has sought to improve and maintain acceptable military installation housing conditions, and privatization remains a linchpin in those endeavors, an official said here Jan. 23. More
Living museum: Airman preserves AF uniforms
For most of his life, Lt. Col. Kyle Clement, the 20th MXG deputy commander, has been preserving Airman heritage by collecting vintage Army Air Corps and Air Force memorabilia, most notably uniforms and their decorations dating back to 1914. More
Shop Your Commissary for Game-Time Treats
Customers looking for great deals on food for their football parties need only shop their local commissary. More

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